About Pearl

Displaying consistent, Positive growth in our Education, Attitudes, Relationships with God and others, and servant Leadership.

PEARL’s mission is to cultivate a community of young women who display consistent, Positive growth in their Education, Attitudes, Relationship with God and others, and servant Leadership. We achieve our mission through providing a long-term mentoring network, a comprehensive college preparatory program, life-skill and discipleship training, and community service learning.

PEARL strongly believes that developing life-long relationships with our students will offset the negative external pressures they face in school, in media, and on the streets.

This relationship includes:

  • Mentoring from positive community role models
  • Encouraging guidance and support from PEARL/YMEN staff
  • Tracking grades and working with school counselors
  • Communicating frequently with the child’s parents
  • Visiting colleges and universities nationwide
  • Tutoring in all academic subjects.
  • Providing life-skill training (i.e. budgeting, cooking, sewing, driving, etc.)
  • Conducting bible studies

Our vision is to bring revitalization to the lives and environment of youth in Chicago so that:

Students will…

  • Have excellent attendance in school and in after-school programs
  • Graduate from high school and college
  • Participate in levels of leadership within the community
  • Have the ability to make a positive contribution in a diverse world
  • View themselves and others as valuable to God and society

Parents will…

  • Actively participate in the educational process of their children.

At PEARL we believe that every student has the ability to use their gifts and talents to make a positive contribution to the broader community. It is our organization’s challenge to provide an environment where each young person can grow in their personal development and utilize their strengths in a leadership capacity. In order to accomplish this vision,

PEARL will:

  • Foster relationships built on respect
  • Provide opportunities for continued personal growth
  • Achieve excellence in both programs and participation
  • Work for reconciliation between races, gender, and class
  • Value every person’s contribution
  • Seek continual improvements through innovation.



We desire to have our students develop an ever-increasing love for learning both in and outside of the classroom setting.  It is because of this reason that we’re not just dedicated to teaching our PEARLs academic skills, but also life skills such as budgeting, driving, cooking and more. Academically, it is our aim to aid our students in maintaining excellent attendance in school and in after-school programs.

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When it comes to our PEARLs, we work to instill a high sense of self-worth, gratitude, humility, and confidence in them that becomes deeply rooted within their minds and hearts. We hope that when our young women face disappointments, trials, and negative temptations that they will be so deeply rooted with character and integrity that they will use every opportunity to learn valuable lessons, grow, and display wisdom.

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Not only do we believe in a “life-on-life” mentorship model with our PEARLs, but we also seek to build a healthy sisterhood in which our young women can feel safe, supported, and challenged through building authentic, life-long relationships with their mentors, one another, YMEN, their families, and their broader communities.


Servant leadership is an integral part of the PEARL program.  We are of the opinion that those who make the most valuable impacts on their communities are those who take to heart the maxim, “see a need, fill a need.”  With that mindset, we seek to have more of a service learning aspect to our program rather than just doing service projects here and there.

Finally, PEARL seeks to honor our donors and investors by using all resources efficiently and effectively to support and promote the mission of our organization. We will think strategically, work proactively, and function innovatively to provide the highest quality services possible. YMEN will act with integrity, serve our clients faithfully, encourage collaboration where possible, and deem it to appropriate accountability to ensure that all donors receive the intended charitable value of their donations.