Dare to Be Queen


 Dare to Be Queen is a holistic and comprehensive curriculum created by the Urban Leadership Institute that seeks to reach girls of all races, educational levels, and socio-economic statuses.  PEARL is currently serving two North Lawndale Schools (Chicago Westside elementary school and Dvorak Technology Academy) as we teach a weekly, one-hour course to 6th-8th grade students.*

This leadership program offers intervention services for about 60 students who are hand-picked by teachers as of the greatest risk for dropping out, delinquency, violence, and possible teen pregnancy.  From a holistic perspective the Dare to Be Queen touches girls in every facet of their existence in reference to:

  • self-esteem
  • managing anger
  • achieving academic excellence
  • community advocacy
  • physical fitness

*YMEN also offers the Dare to Be King curriculum to the same schools.