Stay In School Initiative

The Stay In School Initiative is a collaborating initiative of the Exelon Corporation and the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago. PEARL and YMEN are proud to have teamed up with NLCP to provide students to be a part of the program, which is a part of the Exelon Corporation and the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago’s Stay-In-School Initiative.  

This project provides weekly youth leadership activities, monthly corporate-level workshops, and high-paying summer internships to North Lawndale high school students ready to make the next step in their personal growth. Junior and senior high school students who are selected to be a part of the “core internship group” of the initiative qualify for summer internships where they can earn over $2,000! Every year PEARL has received at least 2 of the 12 competitive positions offered to over 60 students across the city!

The Stay-In-School Initiative focuses on providing quality tools to aid students in personal growth in the following areas.


  • school attendance
  • grades in core courses
  • progress towards graduation


  • the acquiring life skills
  • demonstration of leadership skills
  • working towards post-secondary education


  • participation within a community
  • extra curricular school activities
  • parental engagement in meeting goals